Column Name of Transaction File

1. Five Basic Column Names

Voucher Number

Identification Number for Each Transaction Group

Each voucher shall have at least one transaction. If Imported Transactions do not have this column, the system will assign number (based on time-stamp) automatically.


Database Identification
e.g. A01


Voucher Date for Each Transaction Group
e.g. 1-Aug-2016


Primary Classification of Transactions within Each Transaction Group
e.g. 28001560


Numerical Measurement
e.g. 3049.12

2a. Optional Column Name – Analysing Amount

Analysis Category

e.g. Analysis Contact: Tech

Analysis Category

e.g. Analysis BU: Audio

Analysis Category

e.g. Analysis Location: Germany

Analysis Category

e.g. Analysis Project: FDK1675

There are no limit of the number of analysis categories. Together with the column “Ledger” and “Account”, this form an important structure to support recording your transactions with building multi-dimensional balances for the column “Amount” . These important dimensional columns can be configured its code list and supplementary information by setting relevant Master Files.

2b. Optional Column Name – Descriptive Information

Doc Type

e.g. I


e.g. Q2598546

Doc Date

e.g. 8-Aug-2016

Due Date

e.g. 30-Nov-2016


Narrative Information
e.g. Gold Coins

2c. Optional Column Name – Calculation for Each Transaction

Unit Code

e.g. Pcs, OZ


e.g. 5

Unit Price

e.g. 680


e.g. EUR

Original Amount

e.g. 3400

Exchange Rate

e.g. 0.8968

The system support multi-currency handling by a currency master file. This support recording your foreign currency transactions with building multi-dimensional balances for both the column “Original Amount” and “Amount” . To avoid confusion, the default settings of the system recognise the alias name of “Amount” e.g. “Base Amount”.

3. User-defined Column Name

User-defined Column Name

There are no limit of the number of user-defined columns.