Property Sector

Rethinking Key Business Issues Relevant for Your Industrial Sector

Bubble to Brick

Different Waves of Boosting Money Supply after Financial Crisis to Maintain Stability of Employment Rate Resulting in Massive Cash Converting into Property with Low Price Elasticity of Supply

Invest to Live

The Primary Function of Housing Distorting by the Expanding Bubble to Escape from Economic Recession at the Expenses of Increasing Risk of Financial System and Decreasing Standard of Living

Value to Cost

Unexpected New Sources of Long-term Funds Matching with Sustainable Value of Property Driving the Evolution of Hi-tech Property Development to Increase Cost Estimation of Construction

Accounting to Finance

Concerning the Implementation of IFRS 16 Whether the Accounting Impact on Tenants Eventually Evolving New Practices of Financial Committment for Operating Leases

Property Sector

Exploring Current Issues Relevant for Your Industrial Sector

Liability Management

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