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Can Upgrade Your Long History of FlexAccount

Changing Environment

Depreciation of Fixed ERP

If your existing ERP is fixed or fully depreciated obviously it cannot adapt any evolving business process. Approaching the worse scenario nothing relevant data can be extracted from your ERP, you can extend your LB FlexAccount further to cover the management of these processes.

Business success solution concept as a machine gear or mechanical cog breaking through a maze or labyrinth as a metaphor for disruptive technology or ground breaking innovation.

Benefits of Extended LB FlexAccount:-

  • Breaking Your Existing System Boundary
  • Ensuring Automation to Cover Evolving Business Practices
  • Innovating Portfolio Management of Business Contracts
  • Achieving Advanced Accounting Automation at Anywhere
  • Motivating Your Customisation of Competitive Advantage

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100+ Customers are Matching with 100+ Unique Business Practices

Extended LB FlexAccount (EBA) Supports You to Build Responsive ERP Adapting Your Business Portfolio

Empowering Your Implementation of Unique Combination of User Access Right, Entry Form, Column Name, Column Width, Validation Rule, Mapping Rule, Calculation Rule, Accounting Treatment, Approval Policy, Version Control, Audit Trial, Scheduling, Enquiry, Report, Printing, Dashboard & Email Alert – By Configuration of Data Management and Business Rules to Adapt Your Business Requirements by Different Dimensions of Scenarios

Phasing Out from Relying on Traditional Programming with Compiled Source Code Approach to Implement Customisation – Save Time, Save Money and Minimise Risk

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