Hotel Sector

Rethinking Key Business Issues Relevant for Your Industrial Sector

Business Perspective

Oscillating Growth in Hotel Sector in Contrast with Facing the Evolved Challenges by the Success Model of OTAs and Online Community Eroding Value of Hotel Branding

Technology Perspective

Exploring New Technology Including the Internet of Thing with Connecting Relevant Hotel Facilities in Order to Enhance Uniqueness of Guests’ Experience

Information Perspective

Establishing Information Powerhouse for Big Data So as to Uncover Insightful Information for Smart Matching of Deliverable Services for Target Customers

Compliance Perspective

Grasping Change of IFRS 9,15,16 as Opportunity to Drive Better Performance Obligations with Contractual Parties as Well as Constructive Hedging

Hotel Sector

Exploring Current Issues Relevant for Your Industrial Sector

Human Resources

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