Different Kinds of LedgerBase Formulas & Related Commands


lq() aggregates ledger balances and transactions to a value (Publishing Soon)

Auto-extended Combination

lqt() exports ledger transactional combinations by column or row (Publishing Soon)

Multi-dimensional Lookup

lqd() lookups a value by an Excel Workbook contains a set of variables and related values (Publishing Soon)

Statistical Count Value

lqc() counts ledger transactions to output a value (Publishing Soon)

Statistical Count List

lqct() counts ledger transactions to output a list (Publishing Soon)

Random Sampling

lqr() generates and select transactions randomly based on criteria (Publishing Soon)

LedgerBase Variable

lbv() returns current value of a variable (Publishing Soon)

LedgerBase Status

lbs() exports a list of ledger statistics of current workspace (Publishing Soon)

Extended Internal Rate of Return

lb_irr() calculates a value of IRR based on a list of cashflow (Publishing Soon)

Depreciation Straight Line

dsl() calculates current month depreciation based on cost, useful life and residual value (Publishing Soon)

Depreciation Reducing Balance

drb() calculates current month depreciation based on cost, depreciation rate and residual value (Publishing Soon)