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Business User Layer

The purpose of customisation by different layers is to support a responsive change of systems and rules within a control environment of system design to implementation. Business user represents a user group to operate system on-demand basis empowering their day-to-day business operations. There is a wide range of system operations from data entry, form download, data file submission, approval to enquiry and reporting. Normally business user shall not effect the change of system configuration directly, it is more appropriate authorised users they are assigned to execute approval of particular proposed practices, policies and critical master record amendments.

Business Group Layer 

This mainly covers an application of different kinds of query formulas and related selection criteria settings. The purpose is to define various summary report templates or transaction report templates with embedded automation button for users to run reports on demand basis.

Business Admin Layer

This mainly serves for customisation by a business admin who is responsible for an administration of application systems when they are authorised to configure any domain-specific template delivered by a business consultant. The customisation can support a change of screen layout and data fields of internet browser, record level access right policy, data submission and approval flow, active-offline entry form, data mapping and validation rule, business calculation rule, data posting and amendment rule, calculated Monthly YTD balance, alert rules for email notification and etc. In addition, super-user can create new processing unit from blank or copy from a similar processing unit or sample template to effect further modification.

Business Consultant Layer

This mainly supports business consultant who is responsible for designing and delivering domain-specific templates as requested by users of above layers. For every sizable implementation, it is recommended to assign a staff to play this role. Whenever your organisation cannot assign a right staff to play this role, FlexSystem can provide additional implementation services to fill this gap.

Process Flow Layer 

Process flow layer is to provide reusable functions for business consultants they are responsible for constructing and customising application systems. Built within this layer, includes about 300 functions packaged with different command names and related parameters. Configured list of commands and its parameters can be saved as a batch file in either text file format or Excel Workbook format support automation of execution. The use of Excel Workbook format can support a comprehensive decision route setting particular in the areas of workflow management.

Foundation Layer 

Foundation layer is a solid investment of FlexSystem in technology intended to simplify the process of construction of business applications by a non-programmer. It is governing the most critical areas of data processing in respect of data store, communication, server, GUI component, a query engine and related computing algorithms.

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