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FESA LedgerBase

1. Ledger System Anywhere

FESA LedgerBase is a Ledger System anywhere which supports us to build a broad range of commercial apps efficiently. We establish her popular solutions Conso 123 & “Budgeting ABC” with a creative end-user accounting tool Ledger Query to support your master of changing rules to achieve commercial compliance in proactive manner.

Concerning traditional ERP by the ERP diagram, LedgerBase provides a distributed computing platform to support responsive development and integration of apps. You are no longer worry about risky and expensive integration for a lot of third-party software with your ERP (e.g. BI, Workflow, Billing, Big Data, Budgeting, Consolidation, Loan, Bond & Lease and etc.) when your ERP cannot support all these areas of computing.

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Further Benefits of FlexSystem LedgerBase:-

  • Breaking Your Existing System Boundary
  • Ensuring Automation to Cover Evolving Business Practices
  • Innovating Portfolio Management of Business Contracts
  • Achieving Advanced Accounting Automation at Anywhere
  • Motivating Your Customisation of Competitive Advantage

The production line of the factory has built the 6 customisation layers. The most profound business benefit from these layers can empower your responsive change management to avoid the risk when systems and rules cannot adapt changing business environment.


2. Customisation Layer

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Business User Layer

Customise User Preference for Daily Operations

Business Group Layer

Customise Dashboard & Report

Business Administration Layer

Customise Business Rule, Access Right & Form

Business Consultant Layer

Customise Domain-specific Template

Process Flow Layer

Customise Process Flow Management Tool

Foundation Layer

Customise Data Store, GUI, Server & Query Engine

3. Business Process Management

Apps can be customising to computerise your evolving business processes very efficiently. It not only support you to implement flexible online and offline entry forms, but also deal with different scenarios of business rules including data mapping, validation, calculation, posting, version control, log record and notification. Apart from the centralised computing model, we can organise your management of distributed computing model to control cost and associated risks.

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4. Process Automation

Further upgrade from computerisation to advanced automation can increase capacity of your organisation. You can optimise any unique process automation from minimising data input to maximising relevant information disclosure and actionable alert.

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5. Improving Workflow

Our Process Flow Management Tool supports efficient customisation of business rules and entry forms with linking talents to streamline workflow throughout your organisation. It further extends your existing workflow management from document level to specific piece of datum (cell level) of any transaction.

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6. Uncover Big Data

Further breaking the boundary of traditional Business Process Management System, LedgerBase has built data store model to adapt big data effectively. Together with integration of business intelligence functions and specific data mining rules customised for your unique business, you can uncover valuable information (i.e. mining insight) which cannot be determined by traditional data aggregation.

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7. Modernisation of Truth

In addition to allow customisation of online and offline entry forms for managing your primary data, we can support your customisation of data extraction rules (e.g. SQL Statements) to integrate data from your legacy systems. This can provide a single point of truth of information retrieval when you are using different computing devices.

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8. Your Selection

The design principle of the production line is to provide you sufficient choices available for evaluation whether at least one choice can fit for your prospective implementation. In addition, you can enjoy relatively easy switching amongst different choices.

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9. Agile Implementation

You can start from limited scope implementation, but high ROI. In addition, you can deploy our sample apps immediately as part of software selection process when we can customise domain-specific templates most relevant for your concerned operations. So you can demonstrate these concepts to motivate other software vendors offering you more cost effective solutions.

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10. Focus on Business

You are no longer struggling in frequent migration/upgrade of large scale ERP and concerning the only cloud service option available in the future upgrade version. In addition, you can implement relevant apps as part of continuous auditing and business continuity plan whenever you have to manage all risks of centralised ERP systems. At the end you can focus on competitive advantage management rather than IT management.

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